MEM commercial elevator applications

Modular Elevator Installation Gets the Equipment Up and Running Quickly

Many corporations and other organizations are choosing modular elevators for their various needs. These are standard commercial elevators that skilled technicians build and install into a prefabricated elevator shaft at a worksite away from the final destination. A driver then hauls the elevator to the property, where a crane places it into the space provided. The work can be done relatively quickly compared with other types of elevator design. It's a similar manufacturing process as that of the modular home, which is built at a factory and brought to the property by truck. When someone wants to get an idea of what these elevators are like, he or she can check out a site such as for detailed information and photos of completed projects.

Even some homeowners choose to have a hydraulic driven elevator installed in the house. Since the elevator takes up a fair bit of space, it's usually best for a house under construction or a rather large existing home where space can be devoted to the elevator. Although many people who can't climb stairs decide on a one-story floor plan, others long for a design such as a two-story colonial or a tri-level. That modular elevator allows them to have their dream home and be able to access all the floors.

This feature makes a person feel more secure and assured than the track elevator that goes up and down a stairway. There are more strict weight restrictions on a residential hydraulic elevator compared with a commercial elevator, but the equipment can normally be expected to manage four or five people at one time.

The modular elevator, whether in a business space, a school, a home or another building, doesn't need to have an institutional appearance. Some exteriors of modular elevators are quite decorative. Clear models are available, which are especially nice for outdoor use as they give people a view of the local scenery while traveling up or down. A modular elevator company is happy to show the building owner photos of exterior designs that might best fit with the interior decorating. A simple wood grain often does the trick.